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Corte dei Melograni Hotel Resort

S.P. 277 Otranto-Giurdignano - 73020 Otranto (LE)

Tel. +39 0836.19.56.077



Corte dei Melograni Hotel Resort

Corte dei Melograni Hotel Resort is located in one of the most fascinating of Salento, just 1 km from the city of Otranto, a tourist city in the far eastern tip of Puglia, and about 2 km from the small rural village of Giurdignano, megalithic center among the most important Neolithic. The Hotel is surrounded by the peace and quiet of the countryside of Salento, dominated by olive trees, in a show of colors and scents. A place wrapped in an inviting atmosphere far from the time, seen as revival of an ancient Masseria Salento, from which it inherits the volumetric ratio and planimetric of buildings, articulated to form the center pleasant courtyard. The Resort has large green areas and 12 comfortable rooms.

And 'the right place for a beach holiday in perfect balance between relaxation and recreation, nature, culture and history of the "Land of the Sun". It is a few kilometers from the beautiful beaches of Otranto and the Alimini Lakes and major cities of historical and artistic interest of Salento. Corte dei Melograni Hotel Resort will leave guests the memory of a simple but intense.